Providing Enriching adventure walks with behaviour in mind.

I’m an award-winning dog walker specialising in helping reactive dogs find calmness through safe and enjoyable adventure walks. My success stems from empathy and a deep understanding of dogs’ needs.

What sets me apart is my unique approach, informed by mental health and psychological training – I truly understand your dog.

Happy Dogs = Happy Owners

Real Stories, Real Connections: Sharon Smith’s Video Testimonial

At Baileys Dog Walking, we’re not just pet care providers; we’re devoted to standing by dogs and their owners through life’s various emotions. Allow us to introduce Sharon Smith, a treasured friend whose recent unexpected hospitalisation led her to seek assistance for her reactive Belgian Shepherd Dog, whom I had the privilege of meeting twice many years ago. This unique connection made it an even greater honour to be entrusted by a highly knowledgeable behaviourist like Sharon.

Keep reading below the video for more heartwarming testimonials from satisfied clients.

Real Stories, Real Connections: Sharon’s Testimonial
At Baileys Dog Walking, we’re more than pet care – we’re your support when it truly counts. Watch Sharon Smith’s video testimonial as she shares how we stepped in during an unexpected hospitalisation, and why she chose us for assistance. We’re honoured to have aided a highly qualified animal behaviourist friend in her time of need.

“I have been a client of Michelle’s since her business started up, and have seen it and her go from strength to strength.  Michelle is a wonderful dog walker and clearly cares deeply about the welfare and wellbeing of dogs in her care. Michelle walked my dog, Trudy, until we lost her to old age in 2022.  She helped me to transform Trudy from an anxious, highly reactive rescue dog to a calm, fun loving dog who was not afraid to express her opinions.  With Michelle, Trudy could express herself freely and find joy in walks and sniffing (so much sniffing!).  Trudy was so reactive at first that she could not be trusted with other dogs, but under Michelle’s care she went from solo walks to supporting another dog, to walking with a larger group of dogs in a completely relaxed way.  Michelle is now working with my new puppy, Treacle (currently 16 weeks), and she is even attending puppy classes with us to build Treacle’s confidence in her, and so she can best support Treacle as she develops.  Michelle is an awesome dog walker. She invests wholly in her dog clients, is a skilled behavioural walker, understands anxiety and trauma and it’s effects, and works to bring out the best in your dog.  She is simply brilliant! 


“Bailey’s Dog Walking, Michelle, absolutely saved my sanity when I was suddenly admitted to hospital and our reactive Belgian shepherd would be home alone for days, potentially. Michelle had only ever met him twice, briefly, many years previously.  She responded to my plea for help – leaving a dog behaviour webinar – and really went the extra mile to lower our dog’s stress levels and make sure he was OK.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Amazing 🤩”


Reliable friendly excellent dog walking service. Buddy gets so excited when Michelle arrives she has great patience and understanding with animals. Never brings Buddy into the house dirty always cleans him up after messy fun. Highly recommend baileys dog walking service. I wouldn’t use anyone else. Reliability that gives us dog owners peace of mind”


I can tell how much Michelle puts into the walks with Siggy because of how she is in the evenings. If she’s not had enough I think she could be hard to live with! I give her an hours focused work every evening on OB and scent detection etc but it’s a testament to the amount of enrichment that she’s had during that day that the only time I haven’t worked her properly she’s just chilled as normal.”


“We have two extremely happy and contented dogs. They love to see Michelle and are excited to go with her for walks. Any concerns we may have had have been swept aside by Michelle’s attitude and knowledge of our canine friends. We are confident that Penny & Lenny are in good hands and are more content. We would of course recommend you to anyone. You are a pleasure to work with.”


“I am incredibly grateful to Michelle, she has improved my life hugely. I now feel very comfortable that the dogs are having a brilliant walk and a lot of fun when I am not around. I have seen the way they greet her and it is with joy, which brings me joy! They love their walks and I love all of the amusing updates that Michelle sends. And the tracking device she puts on one of the dogs so we can see how far she really goes. Crawling down fox holes to retrieve Tiggy’s favourite ball is definitely going above and beyond. Thank you Bailey’s Dog Walking, keep up the good work!”


“Nora is a working stock terrier with high prey drive and needs a lot of stimulation and exercise. After a chance encounter with Michelle when she was on her horse and we discussed the merits of positive reinforcement, I decided to use Bailey’s. Whilst I work from home and can walk my dog I felt that it would be beneficial for both Nora in terms of safe socialisation and would help prevent separation anxiety. Nora has had so many adventures with Michelle over the past year. The service Michelle offers is more than just ‘dog walking’. She takes time to listen to your needs and I know that she also takes time to build knowledge and experience. The many wonderful videos she shares offer reassurance as we can see just how much she understands every dog in her care and caters for their individual needs, by slowing down, giving time out, putting them back on their leads. The walks offer my pooch not only the chance to gallivant around like a loony with the others but also quiet time to sniff in the woods and work for treats. Nora always comes home clean with a waggy tail which gives me peace of mind. A dog is part of the family and it’s a big deal to hand their care over to someone else. I absolutely trust Michelle with my little one and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Oh I should add – as Nora was a lockdown pup signs of separation anxiety had started to show but now I can happily leave Nora for a couple of hours and she is fine. And that is due to Michelle and I working together on periods of leaving Nora and Michelle collecting her.”


“Seeing the videos of my dog’s walks, I’ve been impressed with a number of things. A group of small dogs running in beautiful woodland, every one of them constantly being checked on. It is a lovely example of the very happy dogs thoroughly enjoying themselves. The dogs are as much in contact with Michelle as she is with them. Michelle shows that she knows the personality & habits of each dog, and is beautifully in control of them. His walks with Michelle & the little pack of dogs have become a very important part of my dog’s life. I’m so grateful to have found somebody with whom I completely trust our pet. The dogs always have a full hour of walking. She is a great friend to have made for us & our dog.”


I would highly recommend Michelle as a walker- she is responsible and understanding. She puts the dog’s needs at the centre of her service and it shows. Michelle is flexible and easy to work with which has been really helpful. And Trudy would not consider going out with anyone except ‘Auntie Chelle’ “


Marli and Luna look forward to seeing Michelle and get excited when she comes. She seems to genuinely love all her doggies and spoils them. I had no concerns with my babies being with her, I would have her every day if I could.


“Michelle regularly walks and sits my JRT cross, Trudy. She is reliable, trustworthy and puts the needs of my pet first. Trudy absolutely adores her and loves to see her. Michelle not only walks Trudy daily while I am at work but also checks she has biscuits, water and cuddles to keep her going. She keeps in contact and lets me know how the walk went. A fabulous service!”


“Highly professional, dedicated, reliable & totally trustworthy.  I’m more than happy with Brook in Michelle’s care as I feel she is in total good hands. I have total piece of mind knowing Brook is so well looked after, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.”


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