Little More
About Me.

My Story

My passion for animals and animal behaviour is never in doubt for anyone I speak to.  After appearing on the “Girls About Town” radio show in February 2020 I was told, “I could listen to you talk about animal behaviour all day, it was fascinating”.  That’s my passion – translating from dog to human or from human to dog. 

Walking your dog really is the best job in the world for me and I spend more time laughing now than I ever did as a civil servant or corporate consultant!  Plus no one else gets a greeting like I do when they see their client!

I lost Bailey to lymphatic cancer in 2008 after a wonderful 12 years together and I haven’t been ready to own another dog since.  The business is his legacy, and the logo is a caricature of him.  He lives on through the business, me and what I bring to your dog’s walks and of course, that means there’s more love for your dogs. You can see an “Introduction to Bailey” HERE.

My first family dog was “Flea Bag” as she was commonly called, a rescue, hand-sized puppy some children rescued from a busy roundabout in Barnsley when Mum was pregnant with me. 

Flea Bag was also known as “Peepee” because it took so long to house train her! There have been many dogs since her, mostly German Shepherds and a Doberman some of them are pictured HERE.  So many fond memories of all of them.  Mum now has 9 Patterdales and Patterjacks who are a crazy part of our life. HERE are pics of me with some of them as pups just because everyone loves puppy cuddles right?!

I own two horses – both 23 years old – Moo and Echo.  Moo is the reason I started studying animal behaviour, she had many behavioural issues and trainers told me to use stronger/harsher/aversive equipment on her but I wanted to understand WHY her behaviour had deteriorated and I wanted to help her be happy.  Fourteen years and lots of training later she’s ridden bitless. Echo was ridden bitted when she first came to me aged 19, but within a few months of her arrival she was ridden bitless too. I use positive reinforcement methods to train my girls and all these methods are used when I walk your dogs.

My Expertise

With over 450 hours of behaviour, learning theory and psychology training plus reactive dog training, alongside a desire to continually learn and enhance my behavioural knowledge, I can confidently say your dog is in experienced, capable hands. 

Your dog’s opinion matters to me, I’m frequently described as having “an intuitive understanding” of your dog’s needs.  That’s because I listen to your dog with my eyes!  I’m constantly watching and analysing to ensure they’re mentally and physically comfortable during their time with me. All of this helps me give your dog the best walk possible.