Bailey’s Dog Walking Code of Conduct

Dog Behaviour

I will undertake a pre-assessment of any dog intended to be in my care and initiate solo walks only until I feel your dog is ready and able to socialise on group walks. This also allows me to better understand your dog’s needs and their personality while also creating trust and connection. I use positive reinforcement training methods only and encourage my clients to do the same (if they don’t already do so). I will not use equipment which would cause fear, anxiety, or distress, and will not work with any person who requests me to do so. I keep records for all the dogs I’m responsible for, including signed permission for dogs to be allowed off lead and an agreement over actions to take should your dog become ill. This includes ensuring all dogs have up-to-date vaccinations, microchipping, and that owners carry out regular flea and worm treatments.

During Walks

I ensure each dog wears an identity tag, a collar or harness and has their own lead. I walk no more than 6 dogs per group walk. I am fully insured with Cliverton to this. I am respectful and courteous of other members of the public in any areas they may walk and ensure all dogs are always kept under proper control. I pick up the faeces of all dogs in my care (and other people’s dogs too!) and dispose of it in the correct manner. I carry fresh, clean water and bowls to offer the dogs, a MudDaddy to clean up and clean towels to dry off before their journey home. I report any concerns about the health, behaviour, or welfare of your dog to you, my client, and a first aid kit is always available during walks.

Transportation of your dog

My vehicle is fully insured, ventilated, and appropriately kitted to safely and securely transport your dog(s). Dogs will not be left unattended in the vehicle other than for a few moments when collecting and delivering dogs. Dogs will only be in the vehicle for transportation to and from home and to the place of walking.


I undertake regular animal behaviour training and CPD activities such as reading, webinars, Facebook Live events, discussions with qualified behaviourists, and listening to podcasts. That’s how I can comfortably say I have over 550 hours of behavioural training. I can evidence my CPD as I have a record going back to 2004.

I am canine first aid trained which is updated every 3 years, my last training was December 2021 next session will be 9th November – you can sign up here if you would like to take your canine first aid. A first aid kit is always available during walks, and a more extensive kit is in the van. In case of accident or injury, the dog will be transported to your preferred veterinary practice unless closed, in which case your dog will be taken to The George Vet Clinic based in Malmesbury or Wootton Bassett.

Extreme Weather

During extremes of weather, I will always consider what is in the best interest of your dog and act accordingly. During extreme heat, it may be more appropriate to walk between 6 am and 9 am or carry out garden visits and ‘play’ time instead of actual walks. During high temperatures, dogs will not be walked after 9 am or earlier, and I will seek water play areas or shady woodlands.


I abide by all dog-related legislation (a guide of which is listed in the PIF Dog Walking for Professionals Guide – PIF Guidelines).


Clients are expected to be courteous at all times. Clients are expected to pay in a timely fashion and cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice will incur full fee charges.

Professional Memberships

More details of my professional memberships can be found here.

Updated July 2022