Forms for Completion at Sign Up

Thank you for choosing Bailey’s Dog Walking for your pet care. 

Below are all the forms for completion in order for me to care for your dog. I’m sorry the Pet Information Form is so long but it is an essential requirement to enable me to keep your dog mentally and physically safe. The contract/terms and conditions at the end of this form are there to legally protect both you and I. 

If you have more than one dog, please complete one Pet Information Form per dog, you can do this by returning to the original link. Thank you.

Once this boring, but essential part is complete, we can start to give your dog some great adventures and fun.

Bailey’s Dog Walking Pet Information & Contract

Please complete this form prior to a meet and greet. This will help me to offer the best possible care for your dog, plus, it means I will only need to clarify points at the meet and greet rather than discussing your dog’s entire history.

Key Consent

Please complete this form prior to the first walk if key’s will be required to enter your property.

Veterinary Treatment Consent

Please carefully read and submit this form prior to the first walk. This form enables me to have your dog treated by a veterinary surgeon in the event of an accident or injury.

(Last updated 13/02/23)