Memberships & Insurance

I’m fully insured with Cliverton Insurance. This means I am insured to walk a maximum of 6 dogs per walk.

I am a gold member of the Pet Professional Network. The Pet Professional Network is the first international business support organisation and educational platform for kind, ethical and trusted pet professionals. Working in collaboration with world class training and behavioural institutes, business and mindset coaches, they help raise the standards of animal welfare providing members with a safe community to grow or expand their business and connect with like-minded professionals. I have been awarded Gold Membership after gaining a specific level of skill or competence in developing my business and a high level of skill in my field of work. This is awarded to only the most dedicated Members after a minimum of one year’s commitment to being part of our community and taking an active role in supporting others in our industry.

I am also a member of Ayanay Psychological Accreditation. The application process to become a member includes a 300 and 1000 word essay and an interview to prove your psychological knowledge and self awareness. I also adhere to their code of conduct and again have opportunities for training and development with them too.

I am also a member of the Business Women In for business support and development.

Being a member of the above organisations, I believe shows my ethics, integrity and commitment to your dog, to you and to my business.